What Is Vetrilite

Vetrilite® is a one step decorative glass product that is easy to apply over any type of glass.

Vetrilite’s® process was created by combining proprietary software, digital imaging and 3d technology to create a unique overlay laminate.

Vetrilite® overlay designs are created with multiple textures and patterns all on one overlay laminate.

We have a library of standard designs to choose from which can be customized to your specifications at a standard width and height. Vetrilite® can then be trimmed and applied on different glass sizes. This allows you to reduce the need of a large inventory of different sizes for each glass design.

Custom designs and logos can be created to accommodate high end customers.

Custom colors can be added to the design to create interesting colorful designs.

Standard door light overlay panel size: 27 ” width by any height.

Custom door light overlay panel size: up to 49 ” width by any height.

Overlay leading can be added to create an additional illusion of actual stained glass.